We have an individual approach to the needs of every guest and have proven methods to make them have the time of their lives in Dwór Kamionacz. For instance, a traditional feast, i.e. a party with games, singing and dancing to live music…  A must in the menu planned for a genuine feast are spectacular dishes such as a pig roast. We all know that – whether in the summer or in the winter – food tastes better in the open air. Especially, if cooked over a fire or grilled by our chef. To make it even better – served with a cold beer or mulled wine, depending on the weather. What more could a person want? If you’re looking for something truly spectacular, why not conclude a party with a show of fireworks?
If you haven’t seen fireworks with a starry sky in the background, in a romantic park that is more than a century old, then you haven’t seen a true show of fireworks. With the help of pyrotechnicians we can prepare a show for every occasion. In addition, Dwór Kamionacz collaborates with a talent agency that can provide the right music and entertainment for every occasion. And since we do have professional stage facilities we’re sure of the lasting impression we can make on our guests. Even the little ones can’t get bored in our manor. In the park, close to the boarding house, there’s a playground with swings, slides and a trampoline.