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Dwór Kamionacz
Kamionacz 11
98-290 Warta

Najbiższe miasto:
Sieradz 12 km
Zduńska Wola 26 km
Łódź 64 km


New outdoor room

That’s the day when everything is supposed to be perfect, right? When it comes to wedding receptions, Dwór Kamionacz is a place out of dreams. The Grand Hall offers a unique space, excellent acoustics and elegant design. The seating in the hall can be arranged easily – it can fit round tables or tables connected to form lines. There’ll be even more attractions on the top of the tables!

Our chef is famous for the way he can combine traditional Polish cuisine with modern presentation. Professional, polite and discrete staff will make sure that everything is perfect. Brides and grooms will appreciate the surroundings of the manor – a historic park is an ideal place for outdoor photo sessions or, simply, romantic walks. 

New photos

Z przyjemnością prezentujemy wam najnowsze zdjęcia. Trochę się u nas ostatnio pozmieniało doszły drewniane stoły  i altanki, a wszystko to
dla waszej wygody. Zapraszamy do oglądania, niebawem pojawią się nowe zdjęcia. Pozdrawiamy zespół Dworu Kamionacz.


If the official opening is any prognostic,Dwór Kamionacz has a bright future ahead, as bright as its past. We welcomed several hundred guests and greeted them with splendour.

We’d like to thank everyone for the amazing time we had.